Tyre Maintenance

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Luke’s Tyres cannot emphasize the importance, of regular Tyre Maintenance for your vehicle. Personal safety is important as well as other road users.

Tyre Pressure

Check your Tyre pressure on your vehicle every month.


Balancing is an important part of the maintenance for your Tyres.


Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment protects Tyres against uneven wear and rapid wear.

Rear Tyres

We recommend good rear Tyres for complete control of your vehicle.


Tyre Repairs

Call Luke’s Tyres today, for expert advice. We could save you money.

Service Life

We’ll advise you when to change your Tyres and also if it’s necessary.


Tyre Valves

The responsibility of valves and valve caps, actually protect you and your car.



Whether your tyres are New or Part worn Tyres, Tyre maintenance is important.


Tyre Maintenance Info

Tyre safety will not be taken lightly by road traffic police and a illegal Tyre can land you with, three penalty points.


You could also be fined up to £2500 per illegal tyre. Let us provide you with a maintenance check, to make sure you’re safe  to be on the road.


Being responsible is making sure that other drivers are safe, when you’re on the road with legal tyres.


Our tyre safety check is free, so if in doubt then give us a call today, it could save you a lot more than you bargained for.


Buying a secondhand car? Let us provide your free maintenance check, for your tyres today.

Safety Maintenance 

Lukes's Tyres GravesendThere were 8 reported deaths and 120 serious injuries which were attributed to, faulty or defective Tyres. These Tyres were either defective, illegal because the Tyre tread was lower than the wear indicators.

Lukes's Tyres GravesendAlso under-inflated Tyres were also a major cause of this problem. Tyre Maintenance should be taken seriously and always be concerned if in any doubt.

Lukes's Tyres GravesendDriving a car at over 50Mph occasionally leads to shaking of the steering wheel. This vibration  means that tracking needs adjusting. Wheel alignment could be the maintenance that your Tyres require.


Check Tyres Weekly


Check Tyre Pressure Monthly


Check Valves and Valve Caps


Check for signs of damage


Check for signs of ageing Tyres


Puncture repairs undertaken