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When Is Tracking Required?

Tracking is required when driving your vehicle doesn’t seem to be handling well. This could be caused by a number of issues relating to the tyres, steering and handling.

Lukes's Tyres GravesendWhen the car pulls to one side.

When your tyres are making a squealing sound.Lukes's Tyres Gravesend

Why Does Tracking Help?

Wheel Alignment will correct the angle of your wheels, which is relative to the frame of your car or van. Having your wheels aligned by Luke’s Tyres will enable your car to have better fuel economy and prolong the life of your tyres.

Lukes's Tyres GravesendIncreased safety for your journey

Lukes's Tyres GravesendBetter for your suspension and steering

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Wheel Alignment In Kent

Welcome to our digital tracking laser alignment services. At Luke’s Tyres we have been providing these services for almost ten years. To understand why you need wheel alignment for your vehicle, we’ll explain it so you know what are the causes. Setting the alignment is a straight forward procedure.

What can cause misalignment?

Lukes's Tyres GravesendHitting A Kerb

Lukes's Tyres GravesendHaving a Major or Minor Car Accident

Lukes's Tyres GravesendHitting a Pothole of any size

Lukes's Tyres GravesendDriving over a large object


Realignment usually takes between 30 to 45 minutes. This will depend on how badly out of alignment the wheels are. This is also used to check the angle and direction, where the wheels are set in accordance with, the manufacturer’s specifications.

Luke’s Tyres now provide the latest high tech Four Wheel Digital Alignment Machine which we use. This machine is much more advanced than our previous set up as this it’s now aligned by a ramp. It’s more accurate because it’s a Digital Laser Alignment and now has a print out showing, the before and after alignment.

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Why Alignment is Neccessary

Wheel Alignment improves the safety of the vehicle whilst driving. This improves stability of the car from pulling to the left or the right.

Does misalignment affect Tyres?

Tyres are definitely affected. This can be clearly seen with extra wear on the corners of the affected tyres.

How we provide alignment

Luke’s Tyres use a 2 Wheel Alignment to measure angles of the wheels. Our professional technician will align the wheels as per the manufacturer’s original specification.

Can Misalignment Cause Noise

Generally, any noise coming from underneath the vehicle when driving will usually be associated with tyres. Noises aren’t really associated with tracking.

How Wheel Alignment is Affected

Bushes, Springs and Suspension affect the movement and noise. Going over potholes and bumps in the road will change the alignment gradually.

How will I Know if the wheels are Misaligned?

The car may seem to drive fine, but we would advise getting a professional technician from Luke’s Tyres to diagnose this situation. 

Causes of Steering Wheel Vibration

This is not due to alignment. Vibration at increasing speeds or a heavy vibration in the seats or footwell, is a sign that the wheels need balancing.

Does Tyre pressure affect Alignment?

Yes. Tyre pressure can affect wheel alignment. Tyre pressure can definitely be affected by drastic fluctuating weather conditions.

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